Our mission

We recall the days when we had a recipe for what we knew would be an incredible beer, and we worked hard to open our own brewery.

Remembering how challenging it was to build our brewery, we started a company that helped dreamers like us fulfill our vision, supplying all the necessary tools, equipment, and expertise for beer makers.

We wanted to complete the circle, so we have founded Lendfort Capital, which provides financial solutions to help make your dream of making beer (or wine, or spirits) come true. Our mission is to offer precisely tailored financial solutions to fit your needs.

Why choose us?

Financial programs

Lendfort Capital provides precisely tailored financial solutions for startup breweries and existing breweries. We offer loan or lease financial programs to fit our clients' needs, specializing in breweries, wineries, and distilleries.

Not only financing

What sets Lendfort Capital apart is our ability to not only provide you financing, but to connect all the dots for you with equipment as well. We have deep knowledge in the craft brewery industry, and can help you match your goals to your needs. We have our own production plant in Europe and have strong relationships with reliable manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe. We can offer our own system or support other manufacturers that will be able to build an appropriate brewing system for you.

Best equipment for start

Our knowledge of the brewing industry means we are able to go through the process, from dream to reality, with you, offering not only financial assistance but support as well. Because we can either offer our own manufacturer or one with whom we have a relationship, we can get startup breweries brand new equipment at an affordable price. No need to open your brewery with used equipment! Hit the ground running with the best equipment, turning out a top-of-the-line product that will impress customers from the start.

52 countries can work with us

We are able to offer financing to entrepreneurs in 52 countries — including the United States — because of our partnership with Euler Hermes Insurance Company, the oldest and largest provider of trade credit insurance in the world.


We are here to provide the expertise you need throughout your loan process. Call or email our team at 781-229-5829 or sales@lendfort.com

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Which is right for me, a lease or a loan?

There are benefits to both leasing and financing. With a loan, you have ownership of the asset from the start and you get to depreciate the asset. If the asset has value beyond the financing term, a loan is generally the best alternative. If the asset does not have value past the finance term and your company has debt covenants that prohibit incurring additional debt, a lease may be a better option. Members of our team can work through your ideas and your situation and help you determine which option is best for you.

How do I apply?

Call or email our team at 781-229-5829 or sales@lendfort.com.

Where does Lendfort Capital offer financing?

We offer financing in 52 countries, including the U.S.

What type of financing do you offer?

We offer low-interest rates on loans and leases, flexible payment terms, quick action on your application, and a wide range of equipment to meet your needs for both start-up or expansion. We offer working capital and a line of credit for existing customers. We also offer both short- and long-term financing to meet your needs.

What types of businesses do you finance?

We finance craft beer breweries, wineries and distilleries. We offer special terms for breweries under our exclusive "upgrade program." We love startups! We remember what it is like trying to get financing for our first brewery.

I don't have a great credit history. Can I still apply?

We require no credit score check or criminal background check. The brewery equipment serves as collateral for the loan, so in case of default, we simply take back the equipment. Lendfort Capital retains ownership of the equipment until the loan/lease is fully paid, and we provide technical support and regular maintenance during the life of the loan/lease. We also take care of equipment shipping, delivery, installation, and initial testing.

Who do I contact with questions about a new loan?

Call or email our team at 781-229-5829 or sales@lendfort.com.

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Financial Solutions

At Lendfort Capital, we work solely with the beverage industry, and within that industry, we specifically work with those who run breweries, wineries and distilleries. We are experts in this niche, meaning that we ensure you will receive the funding you need for the plan you have.

Our financing is flexible — whether it's an equipment loan, startup funding, or working capital. We also offer long- and short-term lease programs. We want to make sure your business plan is set to succeed.

Oftentimes, future brewery owners spend considerable time searching for funding — made even more difficult by traditional lenders' lack of enthusiasm to support this industry! And most online lenders are brokers that auction your application to the highest bidder, leaving you with unanswered questions and hidden terms and fees. We provide a simple financial solution, specific to the beverage industry, which helps us identify and focus on specific challenges you can face.

We offer

We offer short- and long-term loans ranging from $300,000 to $3 million that can cover a number of needs, including new equipment, renovations, inventory, or storage. Whatever you are looking for to give your company the edge and strong footing it needs!

Fast Loan Approvals
Professional and Personal Service
NO Collateral Requirements
The Lowest Borrowing Rates Guaranteed!

Are you just starting out?

If you are a beer, wine or spirits lover with a dream of opening your own brewery, brew pub, winery, wine bar, or distillery, but have no experience, no equipment and no collateral, we are the company for you!

Through our "Start Up Program," we can provide loans up to $500,000 for purposes including buying new equipment for a new brewery/winery/distillery.

We offer start-up equipment financing options:

And don't forget - because we've "been there, done that," we can help you procure the equipment at the lowest possible cost to your company. In addition to our own manufacturing company, we work with manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe.

Is it time to upgrade your business?

Your brewery is up and running and you are doing well. Congratulations! Now it's time to grow your business, and make sure you are using the most up-to-date equipment.

We offer loans up to $3 million for:

Buying new equipment or upgrading existing equipment.

Use an equipment loan to finance up to 70% of the cost of your business's new or used equipment and machinery. The best part? The equipment itself acts as collateral.

Short- and long-term commercial funding.

A lump sum loan that you'll pay back, plus interest, over a set term. Six to 18 months.

Day-to-day operational expenses coverage.

This is a short-term loan based on your cash flow rates and business history.

General working capital.

This is a loan up to $100,000 to cover all necessary expenses of an existing brewery/winery/distillery. Terms up to two years.

Business lines of credit.

Up to $400,000. Lendfort Capital offers revolving lines of credit that you can tap into whenever you want or need to for your business.

Invoice financing.

We offer fast cash based on your business's outstanding invoices. You'll be advanced up to 85% of your outstanding invoice, and charged a factor fee each week the invoice goes unpaid.

Merchant cash advance.

Lendfort Capital advances you "fast cash" that you pay back with a portion of your business's daily credit and debit card sales.

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Lendfort Capital makes it fast and easy for you to get the loan you need. You can email it to sales@lendfort.com or mail it to our offices at 67 S Bedford St, Suite 400W, Burlington, MA 01803. If we require any additional information our team will contact you.

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